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Managing Surgical Oncology Patients

Managing Surgical Oncology Patients

The patients on the White or surgical oncology team have certain presentations that you should read about either before starting your rotation, or during.

Common diseases you will come across on this rotation are:

– gastric adenocarcinoma

– Resection of sections of small bowel

– GIST gastrointestinal stromal tumor


Common management issues:

– pain

– fluids

– low UOP / rising Crt

– emesis

– SBO vs ileus

– Drain management/ tube checks

– Cdiff/loose stol

– electrolyte repletion

– the distended abdomen

– Wound erythema/infection

– What to do before discharge

– When to advance diet

Common imaging modalities


– CT


– Abd series

– esophogram



When presenting fluids, what you should pay attention to is the rate. For example, you would say,  I/O’s  1538/48945, IVF @ 125.

I plan to add more to this page and to organize it to.

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