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How to get help in medical school

Medical school is not easy, and students will inevitably find themselves in situations where they will need help in an area they are struggling with. For some it’s anatomy, for others, for example, it’s applying to concepts of immunology to a problem. For some others, it’s performing during their clinical rotations, giving presentations, etc. The list goes on and on…

I had the pleasure of surveying some of the UCSF medical students. Here is what they say.

One writes, “Whom to go to if you need help – Francis can always direct you to the right person!” I think this is a great idea. Francis, as any medical student knows, you will see during your four (or five) years at UCSF. (Apologies to the MDPhD students who end up staying much longer).

Another student, when asked what they would do differently, wrote “.. go to student well being if you are getting frustrated or down or just need someone to talk to…”

Another student writes, “… – find a teacher you connnect with or a student in the class above you”

Another student writes, “Whom to go to if you need help – Sharad Jain. Beth Wilson. FPC Leaders. Anyone you even pseudo-create a relationship with—if you like them, go to them. Email them. Get coffee with them even when you don’t have a problem. Just to talk about life. They will most likely say yes. And they will love it because they love mentoring”

One student wirtes: “Whom to go to if you need help – MSP teachers (second year med students), your big sib, your College Advisor, Dean Loeser” ENFJ


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