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A dating service for healthcare professionals

Many health care professionals are busy…. and single. They go to work to take care of patients and go out of their way for them; however, personally, they hardly have enough time for themselves, let alone their family or finding a mate.

One solution would be the creation of an onine dating service/social networking site for heatlhcare professionals, with a special emphasis on doctors.  This could either start out nationally, or within a single institution, which would then expand later.

The format woud be in a social networking setup, similar to facebook.

Each member would be part of a community, university, or hospital. The program would use a combination of personality type, and preferences to make suggestions to each of the members.

The difference between this service and others is that it would be made up of health professionals, who understand the high demand and stress of their jobs.

I will flesh this idea out over time.

What are your thoughts or suggestions?


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