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The educated patient

As a medical student, I had the opportunity to meet and serve patients from all kinds of backgrounds. These patients came from different cultures, economic backgrounds. They had different language needs and educational backgrounds.


Patient at tirtiary center like Moffit hospital
Moffit hospital is a premier hospital.
They do ___ here.
Patients come here with _______ diseases.
The vast majority of patients are well insured.
Many of the patients have at least a college education, if not more.
Being they are the most educated of patients, communication with these patients is easy and direct.  Because of their cultural capital, they can answer questions in ways that make sense to the physician.


Patients at the VA


Patients at the county hospital


Patients at the comunity hospital


I can’t give you percentages, but I can say that the patients at the tirtiary care center had more education, cultural capital, and language skills than the patients at the county hospital.


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