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Preparing for your Internal Medicine sub-internship

– Sit down with your resident and your attending to set up goals/expectations (yours and theirs)
– Because every team has its own dynamic and expectations, check in with your resident and attending at the beginning, midway, and at the end

Work ethic
– If you have a light census, ask your interns, MS3, and resident to see how you can help

– You will assume primary ownership and responsibility of your patients
– You will have resident supervision
– You will be involved in communication with your resident, consultants, patients, and families
– You will coordinate your patients care
– You will write timely notes, verbal and written sign-outs
– You will develop comfort in being first-call for ward patients, including learning how to assess and manage common on-call issues that arise
– You will develop efficiency and effectiveness in prioritizing tasks on multiple patients

When on call:
– On average you will admit 3 patients when on call
– You will most likely be asked to go home post-call at the same time as your team
– You will be expected to sign out to the Day Float at the same time
– There is usually no responsibility to cross-cover other patients

Daily census:
– Your daily census may range from 3-6 patients on average

Daily Responsibilities
– You will write admit and daily orders
– You will have your orders co-signed by your resident
– You should carry order forms around so that when you need to place an order, your resident
– You might be responsible for dictating discharge summaries
– Oftentimes, all patients must be dictated before you leave service

– You will most likely get 1 day off per week
– Your days off will be decided with your resident because s/he needs to consider days off/clinic days for other team members


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