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Getting the real scoop on residency programs

You can only learn so much about a residency program from their website. Some websites are professionally designed, with images and even videos. Others, provide the details of their residency in only one page.  In addition to the website, you have the interns and residents, who you will meet during the pre-interview dinner, interview lunch and tour. You can tell a lot about a residency based on the “happiness factor” of their residents, and the enthusiasm of their chief residents. But the little secret that noone really shares is the awesome amount of information you can get from the medical students at that institution. Sure, they might have rotated through that program once or twice, but they can tell you what noone else in the recruitment group will. The dirty little secrets the programs try awefully hard, and often successfully, to hide. Therefore, on your interview trails, and during your interview, your best friend, and the most honest person will be the medical student from that institution. Good luck!


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