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Residency Application Timeline

Use this residency application timeline to guide you in the residency application process.

Select a career advisor and begin reviewing specialty choices and your competitiveness
Prepare/submit your CV and fill out the MSPE Information Form.
Review post-match surveys, and talk to the previous applicant class about their application experience
Review your summary evaluations (For UCSF students: It’s on eValue or in your student file in S-221). Make sure that all summary evaluations are accurate; summary comments are included in your MSPE.
Urology applicants register for the Urology Residency Match


  • June 1: Deadline to submit CV and MSPE Information Form. If you do not submit your information by this date, we can not guarantee that your MSPE will be ready to send on November 1.
  • Work with all advising resources to develop final career plans
  • Work with your career advisor to develop an initial list of programs
  • Review the post-match surveys for insight into the number of residency programs to apply to
  • Ophthalmology and pediatric neurology applicants register with SF Match


  • MyERAS opens on July 1. Login using the electronic token emailed to you and begin familiarzing yourself with MyERAS and filling in application information. The first day you can apply to programs is September 1.
  • Attend an ERAS information session (July 8 or July 14, 6-7 pm in S-214)
  • Determine letter of recommendation requirements for your programs and begin to solicit letters. Give letter writers a copy of your CV.
  • Contact UCSF alumni for information about their residencies and the application process. Match lists for the past five years are available in this course. Career advisors may have contact information, or it may be available on the program’s web site.


  • Draft your personal statement and review it with your career advisor and/or advisory college mentor
  • Applicants to transitional or preliminary programs should begin to work with a medicine or surgery career advisor
  • Continue to solicit LORs
  • August 15: Registration opens for the NRMP. Register and begin to review the information and Applicant User Guide at
  • Pediatric neurology applicants: August 26 is the target date for submitting your application to SF Match


  • September 1: Students can begin to transmit applications through ERAS, and programs can begin to download application materials
  • Ophthalmology applicants: September 2 is the target date for submitting your application to SF Match
  • Review your list of programs with your career advisors; applicants to transitional and preliminary programs should also review PGY-1 program lists with a medicine or surgery career advisor.
  • Consider ordering an early transcript to be transmitted through ERAS to complete your application (except for the MSPE); programs may begin reviewing complete applications and offering interviews. Be sure to check your transcript online for accuracy before ordering.
  • Applicants who intend to couple’s match need to inform Dr. Papadakis and should meet with her during the application process


  • Letters of recommendation should be sent to Curricular Affairs in time to meet program deadlines, and no later than October 2
  • October 2: Target deadline for certifying and transmitting ERAS application
  • October 9: Clerkship evaluations must be received in Curricular Affairs in order to be included in the MSPE (this includes all revised evaluations)
  • A draft of your MSPE will be available for review in early October; carefully review this draft, correct any inaccuracies in red pen, and return it to Kristen by your assigned deadline.
  • SF Match applicants: tell Kristen that you are applying through SF Match
  • If you are applying to programs that are NOT participating in ERAS or SF Match, give two mailing labels for each program to Kristen (we will mail your MSPE to these programs on November 1)
  • Check your transcript online for accuracy and report any problems to the Registrar immediately. UCSF transcripts are scanned into ERAS in late October.
  • Send a digital (JPEG) photo to Kristen to be uploaded to ERAS


  • November 1: MSPEs are released nationally
  • November 7: Deadline for Class of 2010 to take USMLE Step 2 CS
  • Keep your advisor informed about your progress (interviews, etc) and request assistance as needed
  • Consider bringing copies of your most recent evaluations to your interviews
  • November 28: Deadline for Class of 2010 to take USMLE Step 2 CK
  • November 30: Deadline to register for the NRMP


  • Urology applicants work with advisors to prepare a rank order list
  • Military Match results are usually announced in late December


  • Ophthalmology and pediatric neurology applicants work with advisors to prepare a rank order list
  • January 4: Deadline for urology preference list submission to the Urology Residency Matching Program
  • January 7: Deadline for ophthalmology rank list submission to SF Match
  • January 14: Deadline for pediatric neurology rank list submission to SF Match
  • January 14: Ophthalmology match results are announced
  • January 15: NRMP rank order list entry begins
  • January 21: Pediatric neurology match results are announced
  • January 25: Urology match results are announced


  • February 12: Deadline to retransmit USMLE transcript to UCSF programs. If you have not already done so, retransmit your USMLE transcript (with Step 2 scores) to programs.
  • Working with your career advisor, prepare your NRMP rank order lists by mid-February and enter it into the NRMP’s online system
  • February 24: NRMP late registration deadline
  • February 24: NRMP rank order list certification deadline
  • February 24: NRMP withdrawal deadline
  • Volunteer to share your insight and experiences with the class of 2011 at departmental mini-meetings and the Career Fair
  • If you will be away from San Francisco on Match Day, please let OSA know beforehand


  • March 15: Students will find out if they matched, but no one knows the match site
  • March 16: Dr. Papadakis and the OSA assist with any necessary residency “scramble”
  • March 18: Match Day – match results are distributed in person at 9 AM, or students may check results online at 10 AM
  • Complete licensure paperwork for residency program, if requested
  • Fill out the Post-Match Survey

Source: UCSF Medical School, Kristen Fitzhenry


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