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The extrovert advantage

In most of life’s endeavors, being extroverted is advantages. In medical school, this mantra again rings true.

Interviews for medical school
When you interview for medical school, you are expected and lauded for being outgoing, charasmatic, and someone who will fit in. You are expected to communicate well, smoothly, and effectively. Those are the characteristics of an extrovert, and they tend to excel during interviews, which of course, are a big component of getting into medical school.


First year of medical school
Extroversion in the first year of medical school is extremely important.  From the first day, clicks start to develop. The extrovert is able to take on the challenge on meet new people. For the extrovert, this is their stage. They attend parties while the introvert stays at home.

Second year of medical school
Being an extrovert continues to be important during the second year of medical school.

Third year of medical school
Extroversion becomes quite key in the third year of medical school. Here, you must be extroverted.

Fourth year of medical school
Here again it becomes important. In your sub-internships it is easy to shine.


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