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An introduction to radiology for medical students

How to learn radiology

Radiology is a great diagnostic tool.  It’s good for other things too.

You need to register to the site below. But it’s well worth it.

This is a great site.  The link I have provided is just an example.  On this link, for example, you can see the view on, the esophagus, for example, on a cadaver, cross sectional and coronal CT,

Things to do to help you determine where you are in the body on a CT scan.
– do you see ribs or not? this means you’re close to (above or below) the xiphoid process
– the left lobe is anterior to the stomach, which in turn is anterior to the spleen

Principles Underlying Modern Medicine: Radiology and Beyond by Dr. Richard Breiman

An introduction to radiology for medical students


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