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ERAS: How do I fill out the Application section on ERAS?

ERAS is an application medical students complete to enter a residency program.

The Application section includes these sections: Home, General, Education, Medical Education, Training, Experience, Publications, Exams, Licensure Information, Medical Licenses, Race, Ethnicity, Misc.

Before you start filling out this section, make sure you save before going to the next page, save every few minutes (the application times out pretty quickly and you will lose any information not saved), …

Home – This section allows you to get a copy of the Application worksheet in PDF format, view your CAF, CV, and click the “submit your application” tab. It also has a “Quick Stats” section providing you with information on the subsections you still need to complete.

General – In this section, you answer questions about your birth place, DOB, gender, address and contact information, military and other service oblications.

Education – In this section, you will list the undergraduate and graduate institution(s) you’ve attended, location, field of study, degree, and dates of attendance.

Medical Education – In this section, you will enter information on each medical school you’ve attended. You will include the country, school, degree, and dates of attendance.

Training – In this section, you will fill out information about each residency, fellowship, and/or osteopathic internship you’ve attended or completed. If you haven’t done any, select “None.”

Experience – In this section, you will provide information about your clinical and teach experience, work experiences, extra-curricular activities and committees you have served on.



Licensure Information

Medical Licenses




Helpful hints for the Application section.

Application section:
SAVE each entry before going onto the next page
Put an undergraduate double major or a minor on the same line
List abroad programs separately
Include post-bac programs here, and any other additional coursework completed
JMP students: include your UCB and you MS degree here, with dates of attendance at UCB
MSTP students: include your PhD work here, with dates of PhD work
Medical Education
You earn your MD in June 2009, not May (because of UCSF quarter end date)
Regional clinical campuses – leave this blank
JMP students:
Indicate Combined MS/MD for degree
Include full 5-year (or whatever) span for dates of attendance
MSTP students:
Indicate Combined MD/PhD for degree
Indicate full span from matriculation to graduation for dates of attendance
This is only for PGY-1 years and beyond, so MS4s click “NONE”
Use your best judgment and if you are unsure as to what category your experiences should go under, check with your advisors
Work – include clinical and teaching experience here
Research – describe your experience; resulting articles go in Publications
Volunteer – include extracurricular and committee work here
Description – include a brief description of your work as you would in your CV; the format (full sentences of phrases) doesn’t matter, but be consistent throughout the application
You don’t necessarily need to put a reason for leaving if it’s self-explanatory (eg, program ended)
The order you enter these does NOT matter; ERAS will sort chronologically
Publications can include, but are not limited to, abstracts, poster sessions, and invited national or regional presentations
List authors in order; if you’re an unlisted contributor, note that in parentheses
All presentations and posters go here too; volume and pages can stay blank Not yet published – select “Peer Reviewed Articles/Abstracts (Other than Published)” and indicate status
You must list all attempts at Step 1
List all future tests as “Will Take” with best guesses for the month (ou’ll take Step 2 CS by November 6 Step 2 CK no later than November 28)
Briefly describe all extensions/interruptions of your medical education


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