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How to be a Truly Excellent Junior Medical Student

“How to be a Truly Excellent Junion Medical Student” is a great book for any student starting their third year of medical school.

A quick read of this book before your start ward rotations is a great step toward performing well on your rotation.

This book gives students insight into the minds of interns, residents, and attendings… those foreign creatures who will ultimately evaluate you on your performance.

The book will also help you cope with the stress of being a third year medical student. Because third year is an introduction to a world where there are unspoken expectations and personality mismatches, (i.e. an extroverted resident with an introverted student, a sensing attending with an intuitive student, a thinking attending with a Feeling student, and a Judging attending with a Perceiving student) it is quite beneficial to any student to get the advice given in this book.

The book explains the hospital system, the role of each member on the health care team. It also goes into detail about note writing, ordering tests, and performing procedures.


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