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Try the next time you want to ride the MUNI

Try the next time you want to ride the MUNI


Compared to the rest of the nation, public transporation in San Francisco is pretty good thanks to the MUNI.

The MUNI courses through the city, entering and leaving one unique neighborhood after the other, wheezing it’s way through the fog, then diving underground, and minutes later, riding above ground in another, much sunnier part of town.

So what’s the quickest way to know when your MUNI is coming? One way is to call 511. Another is to go to and get your MUNI arrival time. allows you to select your line, direction, and stop, and provides you with the real time arrival time of the next 3 trains headed your way. "With NexBus, you know before you go!" headlines their site.

You can find out more information on how this technology actually works by clicking here.

Find out how to access nextmuni from your cell phone by clicking here

So, the next time you get on the muni, don’t forget to use . It might save you a few minutes in the fog.

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