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Dating in Medical School

Dating in medical school is not against the law… but many medical students have strict self-imposed rules against it.  So what if you follow through on your attraction to your classmate.  What’s the worst that can happen? A little gossip here and there… that’s all.

The reality of medical student dating is evidenced by the number of engagements and marriages that spring up around Match Day. These are the students who set their prejudices aside and jumped into a loving and lasting relationship with a classmate; some even started the first week of class. (I’m not recommending that.) Sure, people will talk. But in the end, the couple wins because they’ve found the right person for them … even if they are, in someone’s mind, incestuously related via the medical student blood line.

Some students cannot fathom dating anyone in the medical field. Those students choose instead to prowl clubs (either the academic or the 2am dancing/drinking variety), and go to socials involving different professionals from different schools. Some prey on undergraduate students while others reach high — residents, and higher –attendings.

The combinations that result can only be left up to the imagination. Med-Law, Med-Nurse, Med-Med, Med-Dent, Med-PhD, Med-working just a regular job to get by, Med-still in undergrad, Med-really far away long term relation — like out of the country, and the most common, Med-single.

Med-single, or the medical student who manages to stay single throughout medical school is of two varieties. The one who dates often but can’t seem to establish a meaningful long term relationship, and the medical student who would rather make intellectual love to the pathology book on a romantic night out. Oh yeah, I almost forgot about the internet saavy medical student.

The internet ready medical student has surpassed the usual social expectations of meeting someone special… in real life. They have ventured into online dating, and hope to catch someone worthy amongst the sharks, snakes, and other sea creatures and reptiles that tend to brew there. (Ok, just kiddng?)  Many of them get lucky though, and from time to time you’ll hear about that girl who met that guy online, who turned out to be totally cool, both of whom are now engaged.

So as medical students prepare to start medical school again this August, so the hunt again begins. Either in class, outside of class, or online. One thing is for sure when it comes to medical students. They will continue to date, no matter what anyone else says or thinks.

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