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Predictors of USMLE Step 1 Score

Student question: Can students who had a low MCAT score get a  high Step 1 score?

1) Studies show that  USMLE step 1 scores strongly correlate with MCAT scores, specifically in the physical and biological sciences section.

2) Unless you develop an effective study strategy that works for you and is applicable to standardized test taking, it is unlikely your performance will change. This means you’ll have to put in significantly more time toward studying for step 1 than your fellow classmates. You might also consider talking to an education specialist at your school to figure out your weaknesses.

3) One study from a group at the University of Colorado Denver presented their study at a medical education conference this year that showed that MCAT physical science score, number of test questions studied, and total hours spent studying were significant predictors of USMLE scores.

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