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Maxwell Quick Medical Reference

The “Maxwell Quick Medical Reference”  is an excellent pocket reference for medical students, residents, and other health care professionals.

It is great for preceptorships during your second year, and for your clinical rotations during your third and fourth year of medical school. It is useful in the hospital, in rounds, and when you’re on call. And it useful in practically all third year clinical rotations. Additionally, it is short and succinct.

Students absolutely love this book. One student writes “It is the best little book to have as a medical student.”  Residents seem to love it too. One writes, “This book was a savior when I was a medical student, and it is still helpful now. Get it, its cheap and handy.” Another states, “If you buy one book to keep in your white coat, make it this one.”

So what type of information does this book offer? It covers ACLS, EKGs, lab values and formulas and equations, how to write orders and admission and progress notes, and how to perform H&Ps. It also includes topics in OBGYN and developmental milestones in pediatrics. There is a great neurology section with charts, the nerological exam, dermatomes, and the mini-mental status. On the back is an eye chart you’ll find handy on some occasions. Also included are several blank pages for note taking.

Maxwell Quick Medical Reference – Additional student reviews


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