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Sotomayor is due to be sworn in: An African-American medical student’s perspective

Judge Sonya Sotomayor

According to BBC News, Sonia Sotomayor is due to be sworn in as the first Hispanic Supreme Court justice in the US, after a summer of debate over her nomination.

As an African-American medical student who daily admires the giants among us, with their incredible lists of achievements and service, this news is indeed uplifting.

As an African-American woman, it is a proud moment knowing there will be another woman seated at the bench. It is important that our highest court represents both men… and women’s perspectives.

In medical school, as in other fields of higher education, discrimination and racism still exists. For anyone to mount an effective strategy to overcome that, rise to the top, and still maintain a sense of cultural identity requires an enviable skill set, and qualities like dedication, focus, perseverance,  confidence, a burning desire to help themselves, and their communities move forward. As in any other story of success, they must have mentors and connections.

Other pre-medical and medical students are excited too about this news.  A pre-medical friend of mine has already stated, on Facebook of course, that she can’t wait to get the “Wise Latina Woman” T-Shirt. This isn’t about racism. This is about using a phrase to instill pride and confidence in any group that has been continuously disenfranchised for centuries. Because little do some know that we all could use some pride and confidence to keep heading to the top ourselves.

How does the swearing in of Judge Sonya Sotomayor make you feel?


BBC News



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