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Why have people gone bat crazy over health care reform?

Health Care ReformEveryday I ask myself, “Why have people gone so bat crazy over health care reform?” After all, I do see many patients with and without insurance. Noone is shouting for those who die as a consequence of having no medical care.

Interestingly, there’s been a surge of angry crowds and protesters in what used to be civilized town hall meetings. Why is that?

As a medical student, we see all kinds of patients, insured or not. The places where you are apt to see the largest number of the uninsured is in community clinics and county emergency rooms. These places are where the well insured have yet to see… and probably never want to step foot in.  We see patients who come in with unmanaged chronic diseases. For example, someone will come in witha diabetic foot that is infected and in need of amputation. Or a man will come in with heart failure because he couldn’t afford his heart medications and therefore keeps coming back to the Emergency room with exacerbations and shortness of breath.  And what about the 20 year old woman with AIDS that I saw a few weeks ago, who also didn’t have health insurance? Is anyone going bat crazy over them? Does anyone even care?

The town hall meetings are now shouting matches, mostly from the right. Some from the left are beginning to chime in, albeit less forcefully.

The screamers are worried that Obamacare will make life harder for them. They are the insured, and the medicared (who don’t realize that medicare is administered through the government).

Apparently, the fear that president Obama will take something from them personally, or the fear that they will have to support “those poor, good for nothing people” gives them the energy to run to these town hall meetings and let it rip — like for example at Sen. Arlen Specter’s town hall meeting in Lebanon, Pennsylvania where a man claimed “This is going to take away my freedo!.” Ok, please explain…

As a medical student, I can no longer tolerate seeing patients who are uninsured bear the brunt of disease. Nore can I stomach the cries against providing medical care for Americans.

What is everyone going bat crazy about anyways?





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