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Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 for Sale on Amazon

Office for Mac Home & Student 2011 for Sale on Amazon

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  • Office for Mac 2011 offers top-of-the-line software with the most complete feature set.
  • So you can deliver impressive, professional-looking documents and presentations.
  • PCs running Office worldwide ensures you have the right tools to create, share, and collaborate with virtually anyone, anywhere, with no worries.
  • Office Web App support: New Office Web Apps let you post, access, edit.
  • Share Office documents from where you want with nearly any computer with a browser;
  • Also includes Messenger for Mac 8 enabling you to communicate in real time with audio and video support.
  • And Remote Desktop for Mac 2 so you can drive your Windows-based PC from your Mac.
  • And coauthor a document with multiple people in multiple locations.
  • The most familiar and trusted productivity applications used around the world at home, school, and business.

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Customer review from the Amazon Vineā„¢ Program
I work with legal documents that have stringent formatting requirements, so for a word processing program on my Mac to actually help me it has to preserve formatting across conversions. This does. I’m not a huge power user. I’m a disabled former lawyer who helps out with cases from my former law office when my old colleagues are extra busy or want help for a new associate. I am nearly always working with documents that have been formatted by someone else, and it’s my job to return those documents with that formatting intact.

Which just doesn’t happen with most Mac versions of Windows programs.

Which is why I run a copy of Windows on the Mac Mini I have in the living room and a Windows-based copy of Office in that partition.

But I’m not going to need to switch off my laptop to help revise a brief or check a motion. I can copy captions and have them come out the way they went in. My son has had similar issues converting his schoolwork back and forth, and he, too, is much happier with the new version of Office.

The updated User Interface is interactive without being annoying, and the programs feel refreshed without having a steep learning curve price to pay for the improvements. Excel now has a mini-graphing feature that can show you patterns in your data in real time. Powerpoint is cool. It’s not something I’ve used professionally, ever, but it really is easy and fun to put together presentations.

The price is not cheap, even for three licenses. I would deduct half a star, if I could, for price gouging. But if you need true compatibility with work or school pcs running appropriately licensed Office programs, this is a much easier and less expensive way to get it than installing Windows on your Mac and running the pc version of the program. I’m using the Home and Student version, which works just fine for what I need (word processing and light number crunching for my “work” as a classroom parent at my kid’s school and occasionally helping my old colleagues). If you are looking to use the program commercially, you should get the business version.

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