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Why do some surgeons abuse their power?

Why do some surgeons abuse their power?

We all have the power of life and death, whether we know it or not. Surgeons are faced with these decisions regularly and must make decisions with minimal data. The stress of their situation is often palpable. Some surgeons handle the stress with grace while others lose their cool at the drop of a hat. One can extend the power of life and death to the power to abuse others. We all have the power to abuse others, but should we? It turns out, and surgeons aren’t unique to this, that some people abuse the power they are given. Because I am a surgery resident, I see this behavior among some surgeons and physicians in other fields. When these people are given power over you, they tend to abuse it. This can come in the form of screaming, touching, yelling, etc. It is interesting that these same people are just regular human beings outside of their designated purvue. But once they are in a position where they do hold some power, they abuse it to the tilt.

Why do you think some surgeons (or other physicians) abuse their power?


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