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Absite Review Starts with Reading a Surgery Textbook

Absite Review Starts with Reading a Surgery Textbook

It’s probably not what most of us want to hear. We are busy surgery residents. We are busy with consults, admissions, documentation, seeing patients, and the occasional eating and sleeping.  We have personal and family responsibilities. On top of that we are also expected to study for the Absite exam.  These expectations are not unique to surgery residency. Most residency programs expect their residents to take in service training exams. So should you sit down every day to memorize The ABSITE Review by Fiser, or do you dedicate a majority of your time reading a text book such as Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery or   Current Surgical Therapy ? The best answer is that you should read a textbook throughout the year, and use the review books to supplement your reading, or test your knowledge. One cannot do well with by reading review books alone. For example, tested topics on patient safety are found in the textbooks, but are missing from some of the review books.

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