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What date is the 2012 Absite exam?

What date is the 2012 Absite?

The 2012 Absite exam is on January 30th. The exam is always on the last Saturday of January.

Good luck.

Surgery Review for the ABSITE exam

Surgery review for the ABSITE exam takes dedication and time commitment. You cannot cram for the ABSITE exam. Studying involves dedicating at least 1 hour a day to study the ABSITE topics.

Email to request free questions for the ABSITE. Send an email with your topic request.

Click on the images below to read resident reviews and to look inside each book

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. ABSITE Review Questions Anesthesia .

. ABSITE Review Questions Vascular Surgery .

. ABSITE Review Questions Statistics .

. ABSITE Review Questions Oncology .



ABSITE REVIEW QUESTIONS: START HERE –>What is the treatment for cervical spine fractures? (4 Absite questions)


Top 5 books for the ABSITE Exam .

The Key to Studying for the ABSITE .

Study for the ABSITE by reading journal articles from general surgery journals .

What is the treatment for cervical spine fractures?


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