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Mucosa and Musculature of Duodenum

Mucosa and Musculature of Duodenum

Mucosa and Musculature of Duodenum

– Hepatic artery proper

– Gastroduodenal artery

– right gastric artery

– common hepatic artery

– pyloric orifice

– common bile duct

– accessory pancreatic duct (Santorini)

– Principal pancreatic duct (Wirsung)

– Duodenojejunal flexure

– jejunum

– ascending 4th part of duodenum

– superior mesenteric artery

– superior mesenteric vein

– hepatic portal vein

– right free margin of lesser omentum (hepatoduodenal ligament)

– superior duodenal flexure

– superior 1st part of duodenum (ampula or duodenal cap), no circular folds

– descending (2nd part of duodenum)

– minor duodenal papilla (inconsistant)

– circular folds (valves of Kerckring)

– major duodenal papilla (Vater)

– longitudinal fold

– head of pancreas

– inferior duodenal flexure

– inferior (horizontal, or 3rd part) of the duodenum

– Outer longitudinal muscle layer

– inner circular muscle layer

– submucosa with duodenal glands (Brunner’s glands)

– Barium radiograph of stomach, duodenum, and proximal jejunum

– (barrium swallow, barrium study)

– B body of stomach

– D duodenal cap

– D2 descending 2nd part of duodenum

-F fundus of stomach

J proximal jejunum

P pylorus

PA pyloric antrum



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