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Dorsum of Foot: Deep Dissection

Dorsum of Foot: Deep Dissection

Dorsum of Foot: Deep Dissection. <– IMAGE


– Soleus muscle

– Tibialis anterior muscle and tendon

– Tibia

– Anterior tibial artery and deep fibular nerve (deep peroneal nerve)

– Extensor hallucis longus muscle and tendon

– Anterior medial malleolar artery

– Medial malleolus

– Dorsalis pedis artery

– Medial branch of the deep fibular nerve (peroneal nerve)

– Medial tarsal arteries

– Tuberosity of navicular bone

– Arcuate artery

– Posterior perforating branches from deep plantar arch

– Abductor hallucis muscle

– Extensor hallucis longus tendon

– Extensor digitorum brevis tendons

– Extensor digitorum longus tendons

– Extensor expansions

– Dorsal digital branches of deep fibular nerve (peroneal nerve)

– Dorsal digital branches of superficial fibular nerve (peroneal nerve)

– Superficial fibular nerve (peroneal nerve)

– Fibularis longus tendon (peroneus longus tendon)

– Fibularis brevis muscle and tendon (peroneus brevis muscle and tendon)

– Extensor digitorum longus muscle and tendon

– Fibula

– Perforating branch of fibular artery (perforating branch of peroneal artery)

– Anterior lateral malleolar artery

– Lateral malleolus

– Lateral branch of deep peroneal nerve (to muscles of dorsum of foot) and lateral tarsal artery

– Fibularis longus tendon (peroneus longus tendon)

– Extensor digitorum brevis and extensor hallucis brevis muscles

– Fibularis brevis tendon (Peroneus brevis tendon)

– Fibularis tertius tendon (Peroneus tertius tendon)

– Abductor digiti minimi muslce

– Dorsal metatarsal arteries

– Metatarsal bones

– Dorsal interosseous muscles

– Lateral dorsal cutaneous nerve (continuation of sural nerve)

– Anterior perforating branches from plantar metatarsal arteries

– Dorsal digital arteries

– Dorsal branches of proper plantar digital arteries and nerves



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