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Peritoneum of Posterior Abdominal Wall

Peritoneum of Posterior Abdominal Wall

Peritoneum of Posterior Abdominal Wall


– Abdominal aorta

– Celiac trunk

– Falciform ligament

– Superior recess of omental bursa (lesser sac)

– Attachment of lesser omentum and left gastric artery

– Esophagus

– Left triangular ligament of liver

– Gastrophrenic ligament and left inferior phrenic artery

– Short gastric vessels

– Splenorenal ligament (Lienorenal ligament)

– SplenicĀ  vessels

– Phrenicocolic ligament

– Pancreas and splenic artery (retroperitoneal)

– Attachment of transverse mesocolon

– Superior mesenteric vessels

– Site of descending colon

– Attachment of sigmoid mesocolon and sigmoid vessels

– Superior rectal vessels

– Sacrogenital fold (sacrogenital ligament)

– Lateral umbilical fold (contains inferior epigastric vessels)

– Medial umbilical fold (contains occluded part of umbilical artery)

– Hepatic veins

– Inferior vena cava

– Common bile duct and hepatic artery proper

– Coronary ligament of liver

– Right suprarenal gland (right adrenal gland)

– omental foramen (epiploic foramen) behind right free margin of lesser omentum

– Right triangular ligament

– Attachment of greater omentum and right gastro-omental vessels (gastroepiploic vessels)

– Duodenum

– Right kidney

– Parietal peritoneum

– Transversalis fascia

– Root of mesentery

– Site of ascending colon

– Common iliac artery (retroperitoneal)

– External iliac artery (retroperitoneal)

– Testicular vessels (retroperitoneal)

– Ureters (retroperitoneal)

– Site of deep inguinal ring

– Median umbilical fold (contains urachus)



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