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How to not get tricked on the ABSITE exam

How to not get tricked on the ABSITE exam

We all know that the Absite exam is, for the most part, pretty straight-forward. However, there are certain questions that you will encounter where you will be tricked into choosing the wrong answer.  Here are some tips to prevent that.

1) Know the material. There is no substitute for knowing the material. The more you know, the less likely you will be tricked.

2) Don’t choose it if you’ve never heard of it. If you’ve never heard of a condition that is presented as an option, don’t choose it just because you don’t know the other answers. The reason you haven’t heard of it is probably because it’s not a general surgery condition.

3) Be rational and think logically. Choose your answers based on sound logic and reasoning. Don’t choose an answer because it “feels” right or “sounds”right. Those types of decisions are what the exam writers want you to make. They always present an answer that “feels” right, but is not the right answer.

4)  Now it’s your turn. Share how you keep from being tricked on the Absite exam.  Post your comments below.





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