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Don’t be in a rush to graduate from college to get to medical school

Don’t be in a rush to become a doctor.

Some college students are determined to finish college in three years flat. They believe they will be considered smarter if they finish faster. They want to graduate ASAP so that the can become doctors in a hurry.

Don’t be in such a rush to finish college in three years.

Rest assured, there is no reason to rush through college. College is a great place to learn about new people, cultures, religions, science, etc. It is a place for self discovery and academic discovery. It is a place to develop and sustain your curiosity.

It is not a place to rush past in order to get to your goal. Enjoy college. Enjoy the experience. And whether that means you graduate in four to five years, so be it.

There is no hurry to get into medical school.

The right medical school will be there waiting for you.


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