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HIGH YIELD ABSITE REVIEW (2014) . TABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS – Cell Biology – Biochemistry – Metabolism – Nutrition – Pharmacology – Fluids – Electrolytes – Acid/Base – Hematology – Blood products – Hemodynamics (blood pressure, vasoconstriction, etc) – Critical Care – Shock – Preoperative management / Cardiac risk factors – Anesthesia – […]


Absite Study Guide

Absite Study Guide There are many study guides for the Absite.  The key is for you to choose one or two and stick with them. Choose a quick review like The Absite Review by Fiser, and combine that with multiple choice question books (listed below).  What do you think? Share your thoughts below. ABSITE BOOKS: […]


Neurogenic Shock

Unconscious pt w/ SBP 80 and HR 80 most likely has NEUROGENIC SHOCK. ABSITE STUDY GUIDE #absite #generalsurgery ABSITE REVIEW Related posts: Hereditary Spherocytosis Tracheostomy Sepsis and Septic Shock Randomized Controlled Trials Absite Study Guide The 1 week absite review study guide Absite Exam 5 Month Study Schedule How to study for the ABSITE Top 5 […]



Residual hemothorax despite 2 good chest tubes –> OR for thoracoscopic drainage. #absitereview ABSITE STUDY GUIDE Related posts: Hemothorax Hemothorax Chest Tubes Hereditary Spherocytosis Absite exam introduction Procedures What to do immediately after the ABSITE exam Splenic Artery The significance of your ABSITE score Absite Study Guide


Tripod Fracture

The tripod fracture is most common fracture of the midface.  #ENT #trauma #absite   ABSITE 1 WEEK REVIEW Related posts: L5 Fracture Boxers Fracture Bennetts Fracture Jones Fracture Smiths Fracture Colles Fracture Clavicle Fracture Humerus Fracture Orbital Fracture Evaluation of PIP joint dislocation and fracture


Free Absite Practice Test The Day Before The Exam!

Free Absite Practice Test The Day Before The Exam!  <— check it out! The question bank has 22 questions. Go check it out and do the questions. Good luck on the exam this Saturday. Related posts: FREE ABSITE PRACTICE TEST Review of the autonomic nervous system for the USMLE Step 1 The 1 week […]


Top 5 things you need to know about GASTRIC EMPTYING for the ABSITE exam

Top 5 things you need to know about GASTRIC EMPTYING for the ABSITE exam 1. Gastric emptying of liguids follows a first-order kinetics, with half emptying time equal to 12 minutes. 2. If you drink 500 cc of water, 250cc enters the duodenum by 12 minutes. 3. If you drink 200cc of water, 100cc enters […]


ABSITE Review Questions Anesthesia

ABSITE Review Questions Anesthesia This is a great book for surgery residents as well as anesthesia residents. Surgery residents can use this book to review pertinent information for the ABSITE exam. This is basic information you should know prior to going to the operating room. Related posts: ABSITE REVIEW QUESTIONS 100 ABSITE Review Questions Double […]



ABSITE KILLER ORGANIZED BY TOPIC This book is a great resource for surgery residents preparing for the ABSITE exam.     Below are the Table of Contents information from the book description ABLE OF CONTENTS TABLE OF CONTENTS – Abdominal compartment syndrome – Acute respiratory distress syndrome (ARDS) – Air embolism – Anal warts (condyloma […]



MELD Score MCQs The MELD score is calculated using a. bilirubin, creatinine, INR b. bilirubin, INR, ascites c. INR, ascites, encephalopathy d. none of the above . . . . . – The answer is A. ABSITE REVIEW BOOKS ABSITE KILLER Q&A ABSITE KILLER ORGANIZED BY TOPIC Schwartz’s Principles of Surgery ABSITE and Board Review, […]

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